What Do We Do?

Leaf Expression Systems is a new contract development business specialising in the expression and production of proteins, metabolites and complex natural products for research and bio-medical applications using a proprietary, transient expression technology, Hypertrans®.

Hypertrans®, is efficient, safe and simple to use to quickly produce proteins in plants such as vaccines, antibodies or enzymes. The proteins are then extracted and purified to give the desired product. The speed of the system means that it can rapidly produce large amounts of protein and so it is well suited to rapidly responding to emergencies like pandemics. Other potential uses include producing many proteins at the same time and so creating new biochemical pathways for producing complex ‘bioactive’ molecules such as novel anti-cancer drugs and anti-infectives.

Leaf Expression Systems is based in a purpose-built, state of the art facility on the Norwich Research Park that was opened in January 2017. The facility comprises of offices, plant potting areas, plant growth controlled environment rooms, plant inoculation area, microbiology / molecular biology lab, protein purification and natural product processing facilities all designed and engineered to appropriate containment and safety standards.

The company is part of a thriving research and innovation campus centred on world leading research institutes. It provides services to companies and research organisations by producing sufficient quantities of these valuable proteins and other natural products to enable research and product development.
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